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What will you pay attention to when using the car charger _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-10
What will you pay attention to when using the car charger, 2020-182 11 - 27 16:53:27, with the development of intelligent car is becoming more and more close contact phone, some cars even can support the direct manipulation of mobile phone. Many owners are used to use the car charger in the car, but perhaps you don't think about, on-board charger will exist significant safety concerns. So in daily use on-board charger need to pay attention to what issues? Today with everyone look at: 1, don't start the car before inserted, so as to avoid damage to the vehicle starting voltage on-board charger, Second, don't use chemicals, detergent to wash the car charger, it is very dangerous; In the process of use, be careful not to water or long time need not when exposed to moisture in the air; Finally after the vehicle flameout should pluck the car charger. In the summer thunderstorm days and under the high temperature weather, should stop using on-board charger. 2, whether it is important to note when buying car charger has the function of overload protection, it is very important. Because once the overload in the absence of protection, the life of the charger will decline, will greatly increase the risk of danger. 3, also is to see if its material safety fireproof APS material, if the car charger is not up to standard, the ignition moment are easy to be powerful current breakdown. Flame retardancy is poor, coupled with poor car-mounted charger when components failure, cannot limit flame within the enclosure, and because the car decoration mainly flammable items, such as leather, plastic and textile car charger can lead to spontaneous combustion vehicle burned. When choosing a car charger, try to choose the output current is more than 1 a product, or may be in use process charge will keep pace with consumption, lead to the more the less charge. So you are going to buy normal manufacturer certified products, don't buy and use 3 without the product, or out of the quality problem of recourse.
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