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When charging the mobile phone needs attention

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-21
If long time don't pull out the charger, the internal circuit board is connected electricity over a long period of time, in theory leads to aging charger. If the charger quality is bad, it is easy to cause short circuit, such as fire, explosion, accident getting an electric shock accident. ” Master huang reminds, mobile phone recharge most commonly 4 hours can be full of, you should put the charger after full pull down. If it is convenience, also can buy with the safety of the power switch socket, the electrical appliances when not, can press the switch on the security socket, disconnect the power supply. When charging the mobile phone also note the following points: 1, don't charge while the phone normally take dangerous voltage components and palpable conductive parts of the insulation breakdown or contact between the current is too large, it's easy to cause the user to get an electric shock. Especially for the part of smartphone users, & other; Filling while playing & throughout; Is common, should be more careful. In addition, the inferior phone charger is easy to catch fire. 2, had better use direct charge within the original phone charger has overvoltage protection circuit, and is equipped with rectifier transformer device, can make the high voltage low voltage and direct current into alternating current (ac). And universal charger are mostly informal manufacturers, with no protection coil, easy to make the voltage or current is too high, and unstable. High voltage to the battery charger bulge, sometimes dangerous explosion, phones are easy to burn out. 3, choose quality qualified products when buying mobile phone chargers, batteries must choose normal manufacturer of qualified products, don't pursue cheap to irregular small manufacturer to buy electrical performance unqualified products. Good charger since internal overheating protection circuit, when the internal temperature reaches a certain value, will automatically power off, have a certain degree of protection. 4, as far as possible when someone care rechargeable battery should try to choose someone in charge, so that timely and deal with abnormal situation. Charger should be paid attention to in charge temperature and presence of anxious burnt smell, if the temperature is too high, there is a clear hot or anxious burnt flavour and so on, to stop charging, after check out the reason and make the necessary processing recharged again. 5, don't cover anything when charging the mobile phone charging mobile phone voltage higher than the standby mode, if you use the unqualified or battery charger, charging and environment is poor, such as high temperature, humidity, etc. , may be an accident
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