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Which ni-mh battery charger company doing OBM?
Doing the OBM business is a very demanding and hard task because it requires the company to be responsible for everything including production, research and development, supply chain, delivery, and marketing as well. So far, few companies can provide OBM business for battery charger , almost all of which are world-renowned brands. What they have in common is that they have strong economic strength, exclusively-patented technology, extremely large scale, and advanced management ideas. A lot of companies in the market are striving forward to become an OBM now.

The industry believes that Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltd is already in the leading position in battery trickle charger. Fuyuan focuses on providing a variety of dc-dc converter for customers. Fuyuang li ion battery charger passes through process control, random inspection and routine inspection. Featuring automatic thermal cut-off function, the product will not accumulate too much heat. The product stands out for excellent mechanical performance. It operates in a stable manner even in humid or high temperature environment. The product has met the needs of low ripple without decreasing of the dynamic performance.

We work with our suppliers to educate and motivate them to deliver higher sustainability options and standards and to understand sustainable travel behavior.
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