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by:Fuyuang     2020-06-11
First, to explain a term: C Nominal current of the battery capacity is based on an expression of the control methods, such as the battery is a 1000mAh capacity, 1C charge current is 1000mA, attention mA is not the mAh, 0.01C is 10mA. 1,12-14 hours of origin: the first generation of nickel-cadmium batteries, the need to charge a small magnification, the general recommendations of the charge current 1/10C, such as your battery capacity is 600mAh, then 1C is 600mA, 1/10C is 60mA . Therefore, the full power needs of more than 10 hours, for nickel-cadmium batteries, charging a small magnification is good. 2, at present mobile phones equipped with the battery situation: the mainstream mobile phones are essentially lithium-ion batteries, the latest from our impressions should be 3210, with the nickel-metal hydride batteries, all around us seem to find any phone with a nickel-metal hydride batteries . 3, lithium-ion battery knowledge: we can only say one volume. To measure the capacity of a lithium-ion battery There are two detection methods: 1C charge, 0.2C discharge; 0.2C charge, 0.2C discharge, regardless of what charging standard, should be compliance. Because the lithium-ion battery is different from the previous nickel-cadmium batteries in, 1C charging high magnification already had enjoyed, but also must be receptive of the idea. And if a 600mAh battery with 1C charge, 1 hour charge should eat, and if the phone is designed for direct charge is the case (many of which are 0.5C-0.8C) ,12-14 hour is nonsense. In order to set national standards GB/T18287 2000, when the constant current charge to 4.2V, switch to constant pressure, when the current drops to 0.01C immediately upon the termination of that charge. For example, charger charging current is 0.5C, rechargeable 600mAh battery, 2 hours or so the charge current drops 6mAh, at this time that the charge had been saturated. Why is it down to 0.01C? As it is already saturated, which is a reflection of batteries. In fact, on the nickel-metal hydride power, national standards have also been provided for high-rate charge and discharge of the indicator, and now I will not dwell. 4, what is considered 'active'? Lithium-ion battery itself is a 'living', and if the design capacity of 600mAh, although I charge 2 hours to eat, and then discharge, can be the capacity 600mAh, the design capacity can be achieved, and this what is the problem do not live live ? Technical supervision departments to implement national standards, testing capacity is charged with 1C, and then put 5 times in one capacity or to be eligible. So normal use, normal charging can be, with the new battery so go on, do not worry, 'shock did not live.' 5, charge 14 hours a fool ourselves: direct charge mobile phone, 2 hours or so have been filled, and the remaining time is 'roasted' computer time, such as mobile phones charge controlling the error of (some), then is the test of time for the battery . Not use the Charger off (too much on the market) charge 14 hours, your battery has not yet begun to provide services for you already greatly frightened the
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