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Why acclaimed PD charger?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-20
As is known to all, the most of the mobile phone charger and charging equipment are port A output, and PD need TypeC interface. PD is a quick charge protocol, and the Type - C is a kind of new interface specification. 类型, C interface default maximum support 5 v / 3 a, but in the realization of the USB PD after agreement, can make the output maximum support to 100 w. So a lot of practical Type - now C interface equipment can support USB PD agreement. With three product technology development, support 5 v, 9 v, 12 v, 15 v, 20 v five charging voltage, also has the patent for utility model and appearance patents. Cixin PD charger is sell like hot cakes. PD was appliances have rounded appearance, the shell is very comfortable feeling of kind of skin frosted plastic, is concise and beautiful, the product has two kinds of black and white colour collocation, the entire surface is seamless design, free replacement for each region of the plug, also can choose fixed plug or cable connection. 45 w / 65 w / 30 WPD charger series products, stand-up output mode, the power of 30 w / 45 w / 65 WPD, support 5 v3a, 9 v3a, 12 v2. 5、15 v3a 20 v2。 25 a five charging voltage, and very strong stability. The scheme of the mainstream PD charging chip good compatibility. With output over current/over voltage/thermal protection. Product design and strict adherence to UL/ETL, CE, FCC, CB etc. Safety requirements. PD charger features: 1, USB - Mouth support 30 w/C 45 w / 65 w/PD agreement, support apple mobile phones, laptops and other quick charge. Is the industry best compatibility 30 w / 45 w / 65 w AC charger. 2, power of 30 w / 45 w / 65 w3, the smallest, lowest cost, easy to carry. Four, six level of energy efficiency, low power consumption. 5, fast charging.
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