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Why should the power adapter aging

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-29
Why should the power adapter aging 2019 - 07 - 16 a, after completion of production in the power adapter, before flowing into the market, for the quality of products guaranteed after aging test. After aging test of the power adapter into consumers' hands basic won't appear any fault, after the life of the aging test of the power adapter and other quality can be guaranteed. Second, the power aging belong to environmental stress screening ( 环境应力筛选) Referred to as 'ESS, for the modern high-tech electronic products a very popular method of ensure quality and reliability. As the name implies, environmental stress screening is the use of additional environmental stress, that underlie are made of and by the weak components in electronic hardware and bad technology and blemishes caused by factors such as happened early exposed, then use all sorts of proper inspection or test method, to find these products with several dropped, or take corrective action to repair, in order to improve the manufacturing quality of hard goods, maintain the level, in the design gives so through the screening of the delivery of products are excellent quality and high reliability, can the normal use of to reassure customers. Three, why in the production process in strict aging test module when the power supply in production strict aging test, generally the module power supply capacity for a relatively long time work. How long is this 'continuous' for a long time? General 24 hours a day or 48 hours, of course, some enterprises in order to save cost, shorten the aging time to 1 hour, extremely individual companies don't even aging products, each manufacturer in the pursuit of quality and cost requirements how to do effective unity. Aging test, also known as baking machine or burning machine, is hard to test it or the meaning of 'try to burn it', only those who are trying to torture and survived the product is good, will ensure that all the power module is loaded with aging for at least 24 hours, and the indicators standards fully testing to the factory, let users to use the rest assured, comfortable, comfortable. Just came out of products on the production line, the vast majority has complete its design of function and can be directly put into use, but why do aging test? We accumulate through their own experiences and lessons to draw the following conclusion: very similar to human beings, the power module product failure occurs mostly occurred early and late. Is the end of the normal life of the product, can't control, but you can control the early, can control within the factory gates. That is before the products delivered to the user's hands do aging test, nip problems in the factory inside, normal manufacturer is doing just that, but small workshops usually don't do aging test, or the aging test tasks to the user, so we often buy some products, it wasn't long before hand it broke, in fact this is the result of aging test failed, because the user claims a small part of the work, so the small workshops generally without aging equipment available to much cheaper. So have a manufacturer without aging equipment, is an important index to measure the power module manufacturer. Luck, of course, good user sometimes buy shanzhai products can be used for a long, long time, the theory of product quality is so said: 'if a product can work continuously day trouble-free, it probably will be able to work continuously trouble-free year', so if you bought a product with haven't bad for a few days in a row, it will probably follow you for many years, in fact this is the outcome of aging test has passed. Actually normal manufacturer and small workshops, respectively, is not too big, in addition to technology, only a little, that is the product of 'aging test' and the length of time. Four, is a professional equipment aging room, in the capacity and specifications of the design must meet the needs of the various products, must also ensure the stability of their own, so it must be high quality, safe and reliable, at the same time, facing the rapid growth of the future market development needs, it should be flexible, open, have a certain extensibility. Why should the power adapter is aging
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