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Why what is aging test, the power adapter do aging test? _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-11
Why what is aging test, the power adapter do aging test? 1122, 2020 - 06 - 04 16:46:05 aging test, for consumer customers may be very unfamiliar words, then the power adapter manufacturer to simple to explain what is aging test, and why the power adapter do aging test? Aging test is simple to show the power adapter is in a period of time full use work, to see what's the problem with the power adapter will produce. Sure, of course, someone will ask, how long a period of time? 1 day? 2 days? Usually very regular is aging at least several hours, this time, of course, can according to the power adapter will consider the pursuit of quality and cost. Actually understand it more popular, aging test is an extremely cruel destructive test, because only by doing so, to the client's products are excellent product, good power adapter manufacturers will only will these products sold to customers to use. In fact this is what I am going to explain the problem, why the power adapter to do aging test? Actually many power adapter products are not on the market after aging test, why do you say that? First, the general flow of power adapter products from production line for the most part had already has all of its functions, can be used directly, but if you don't do aging test at the beginning of the power supply using will may appear many problems, such as short circuit, voltage, current, and even explosion is likely, but these questions completely avoided after finished aging test, use a year or more, of course, there is a problem, that is the life of the power supply problem, this is no way to control. This problem can't say so absolutely, of course, we are just in theory analysis results, because does not exclude you bought fake products did aging test, but is no problem to use, perhaps with a one year two years did not appear problem, but did aging testing power adapter products more secure. Professional manufacturer of power adapter warm remind each broad consumer customer, buy power adapter must be looking for a professional, formal power adapter manufacturers. Shenzhen co. , LTD. , the best choice for you!
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