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Wireless charger what are the advantages

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-17
With the continuous development of electronic science and technology industry, the use of the wireless charger is also more and more common, many people go out in order to facilitate can also play with mobile phones and other electronic design relentlessly, will carry a wireless charger. So what's the advantage of wireless charger? What is wireless charger? Wireless charger is not the traditional power supply cord connected to the need to recharge on the terminal equipment of the charger, adopted the latest wireless charging technology, through the use of the magnetic field between the coil and magical power transmission, inductive coupling technology will become the bridge connecting charging stations and equipment. Its specific advantages as follows: 1, convenient charging without wires, just near the charger. In the case of have more than one power device can save multiple charger, don't take up more power socket, no more wire winding trouble with each other. 2, durable for power transmission components without leakage, therefore not be moisture in the air, oxygen, such as erosion, there won't be in the connection and separation of mechanical wear and tear and loss made of fire, etc. 3, safety no electricity contact design, can avoid the risk of electric shock. Shenzhen electronic technology co. , LTD. , founded in 1996, more than 20 years committed to the research and development, sales, production of switch power supply, is a professional manufacturer of wireless charger, is national high and new technology enterprise. Power adapter quality and service are trustworthy, each power supply products 100% after aging test, function test test three times, through the six levels of energy efficiency. Power adapter also support overheat, over temperature, over current, overload, prevent backflow, short circuit, such as multiple security protection, allow users to use more secure, more at ease.
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