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Wireless remote controllers have a prominent role

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-15
Industrial radio remote control has changed the complete manner of conducting our everyday's activity. With the help of wireless remote controllers, even the world of entertainment has been changed forever by the achievement in the field of wireless technology. There are many things like radio data receiver, gate controller, wireless remote controllers transmitter, smoke detector transmitters and many other things. On the other side, industrial equipments like wireless receivers, analog transmitters are also the blessings from modern technology. Now these are really useful and helpful for the sake of our daily lives. Fixed frequency radio remote controls are developed for industrial applications requiring up to 1000ft signal from handheld to receiver unit. This machine has one to twelve channel outputs as specified by customer. Actually modeler components allow for easy installation with custom wire harness supplied. The transmitter and receiver unit operate on 56 bit digital code eliminating accidental operations. Basically the parts replacement is simplified with fast connect plugs and simple learn button to link handheld and receiver. The total systems includes rechargeable transmitter housed in rugged polycarbonate enclosure. The transmitter has low battery warning indicator with audible alarm and 300 hr continuous transmission battery cell. 12/ 24VDC charger included. And the transmitter button text printed to customer specifications at time of order. Fixed frequency handheld transmitter has some specifications. Through the specifications you can know better about these wireless remote controllers. The specifications are: The frequency of this apparatus is almost 433.92 MHz, not only that it also includes frequency range of 869, 902-928 and 204 GHz FHSS. In Addition, the method of transmission is 56bit DES with encryption key. The remote control is constructed with rugged weatherproof polymer enclosure. And it has an internally protected helical antenna. The normal range of this controller is up to 1000 feet with high power. The basic temperature specification is minus 20 F to 185 F approximate. The actual battery life is 300hours of continuous utilization. The controller is supported with audible low battery warning and flashing LED indicator. The battery type is rechargeable Lithium Ion with 12/24 VDC charger. On the other hand the receiver has also some specifications. The frequency operation of this receiver is 433.92 MHZ. At the same time, the receiver has the capability of current load which is up to 4 Amps per channel or 10 Amp total loads. The receiver has the internally protected antenna.
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