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With LCD dot matrix LCD modules used in all walks

by:Fuyuang     2020-07-10
View of the current situation, the Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. jointly developed a dot matrix LCM , LCD integrated all of the underlying operating the MCU module, so it becomes very easy to control, accounting for at least the user of resources, and all the display interface for editing and debugging complete independence on the computer all the way, the whole process is clear, very easy user interface control software written show, which also improves the LCD liquid crystal display module in the product added value. Visual programming LCD module Technical characteristics: 1. Module displays the number of dots (resolution) 128X64, 192X64, 256X64 three options; 2. Includes high-speed MCU and the user data field programmable 64KB FLASH; 3. Standard RS232 serial communication control, the user only two lines, a small horse-drawn carts as possible; 4. With simulation debug software on a computer display screen independently of the editing, data download, simulation debugging; 5. Simple and rich display control command to the control module is easy, such as control of an LED; 6. Users can rewrite the display data at any time, on-site programming easy, unlimited upgrades display interface; 7. Busy signal output module to detect the module status; Users first complete LCD display serialon the computer editing, data download and simulation debugging, the debugging software with simulation allows users to easily carry out such work in addition to the hardware outside the visual programming comes with an LCD module PC RS232 level conversion adapter plate, the board is responsible for the module and the computer connection and power supply module, the module with the computer connection icon below. Before the computer connection in the module, use the 'Text Edit' will display LCD digital picture of a good pre-filing, notice must be made in black and white bitmap monochrome bitmap and the need to rotate 270 degrees, a good bit map will be drawn through the 'add' one by one included in the 'Download bitmap sort' in the module is set to programming mode (JP1 selection) with the computer by the RS232 converter board phase and power, in the 'Serial choose' selected modules connected in serial, with the 'status test' checks connection and serial number and the power is normal, if the online success of data download interface module shows 'online test OK!', while the main screen the 'Download data' activated, when clicked, the computer will sort the list by serial number in the bitmap small to large to download to the module FLASH one by one, the download time and the total size of the bitmap in the list is proportional to the end of the module displays the 'download data OK!', then the module power off, set it as the normal mode plus electricity, with the 'status test' computer module at this time has been reported in normal mode, by clicking the 'Browse' in the LCD screen to point (00,00) to observe the vertices one by one all the bitmap just downloaded, and the order of the same sort the list can also sort the list, just click to browse the bitmap, the bitmap is correct after all, can be simulated LCD display interface debugging.
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