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With the Makita BSS501 Cordless Circular Trim Saw Kit

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-09
The Makita BSS501 is a very impressive saw kit. Its ability is obvious by its blade size, which is 5 3/8 inches long. Its muscle can also be observed in its cutting depth of both a 45 degree and a 90 degree angle. This device also has a no load speed of 3,600 RPM. Even though it is 14 inches long and weighs 5.7lbs which includes the battery. It is furnished with a easy to grasp handle which makes it possible for you to manage every movement of this tool. Included with every saw kit is the LXT Lithium-Ion battery, which is great for the Makita BSS501 Cordless Circular Trim Saw Kit demands. The battery lasts for long periods of time between charges and is assured to carry on longer than alternative batteries. Another item bundled with the saw kit is a top of the line charger. It is the 25-minute Rapid Optimum Charger, which comes endorsed by authorities, because of its energy conserving design. With the charger's internal chip, it is able to regulate the temperature, voltage and current of the battery during the charging progression. Therefore, increasing the life span of the battery. The unit also has a installed L.E.D. light that helps you to see in dark places. It also comes with a inbuilt dust blower to get rid of saw dust. By using all the features of the Makita BSS501, it is quite possible to reduce your work time by half.
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