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With you to further understand the role of the power adapter and use _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-05
With you to further understand the role of the power adapter and USES 2020-1316 06 - 10 16:03:08, the action of the power adapter power adapter is 220 v alternating current through the transformer, rectifier, filter, voltage regulator, the output is suitable for electrical work power a device; Role is to provide electrical appliances required voltage, current and stability, make corresponding with electrical safety, steady job. Widely used in portable electronic devices and appliances; Without power adapter, electrical appliances can't work normally. Power adapter is simply a transformer, such as mobile phones need 5 v, routers need 9 v, display need 12 v, etc. , to provide electronic products required for direct current and voltage, also need rectifier voltage regulator and filter and protection circuit. Second, the purpose of the power adapter 01 small home appliance products in everyday life electric fan, exhaust fan, air humidifier, electric shaving, aromatherapy, electric blanket, electric heating, electric heating, manicure, fascia gun, massager, ultrasonic wash basin, air anion generator, no hakaze fan and other small home appliance products. 02 digital products projector, video camera, printer, notebook computers, network equipment, tablet PC, digital camera, tablet, scanners, high-definition digital set-top boxes, satellite receivers and other digital products. 03 network communications products of mobile phone, mobile phone, switch, router, ADSL, fiber optic cat, phones, PHS, radios, pagers, fax machines, set-top boxes, switches, IPTV, AD/VD cats or communications network. 04 lighting products flashlight, head lamp, desk lamp, LED lamp, small night lamp, lens headlight, safety light, projector, projector lamp, flat plate, changing lights, display, project-light lamp, lamp, reading lamp, such as the microscope lamp lighting products. 05 audio-visual products TV, display, radios, speakers, tape recorder, video camera, video camera, stereo, MP3 / MP4 /'t a MP5, electronic dictionaries, machine learning, repeater, electronic photo frame, digital photo frame, portable DVD and other audio-visual class electronic products. 06 smart camera security products, fingerprint lock, electronic lock, surveillance cameras, alarm bell, access control, infrared detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, GPS, intelligent children watch, face recognition system, intelligent safety lock, such as the doorbell intercom security system. 07 medical products electronic sphygmomanometer, digital thermometer, multifunction therapeutic apparatus, laser therapeutic apparatus, glucose meter, vision improvement equipment, improve sleep equipment, oral health supplies and other medical class electronic products. Power adapter is widely used in portable tools, control equipment, the microprocessor system, mobile equipment, industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, industrial control equipment, electrical equipment, instruments and meters, instrument type in the areas of different electronic products. Three, to believe in the power of the brand power adhere to innovation, continuous improvement, believe that science and technology change life, overcome difficult, continuous research and development in the field of power supply all kinds of new products, is committed to improve people's quality of life, adhere to quality first, customer supreme service idea, earnestly for each customers disambiguation answer, provide high quality service, ensure that every customer can be at ease at ease.
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