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woman dies after life support power supply runs out of batteries

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-24
A survey reported that a woman died after the power of the life support machine was turned off and then the battery ran out.
Jacqueline Scott died after the ventilator was turned off.
Despite a few loud alarms warning staff about power failure.
A jury investigation at the Royal Court of London heard that, despite the alarm, a nurse did not recognize the sound because no ventilator had previously exhausted electricity. The 55-year-
On March 2015, the old man died at St George\'s Hospital in toting, southwest London.
Scott is MS on a ventilator that plugs in a wall socket, but the circuit explodes --
According to ITV News, this means that the battery it uses will eventually run out.
The investigation heard that there was also a problem with her phone ringing at some point.
Dr. Renate Wendler, who was in charge of investigating Scott\'s death from MS, told the jury that she \"found evidence of good practices and care \".
The delay in requesting help, she said, \"has nothing to do with the results of Scott\'s MS case,\" counting on nurses to know that the power was \"unrealistic\" to be disrupted
Dr. Wendler said they studied the design of the machine and found it \"not intuitive \".
Scott\'s son, MS, said in the survey that they \"thank\" all the people who have contributed to the care of their mother, saying that the family is \"very grateful\" for all their efforts \".
The jury gave a verdict of natural death.
Since then, the hospital has ensured that all nurses receive formal training on how to use the equipment, as well as an alarm when the power supply is interrupted.
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